July 2017  
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Creating Medicine Gardens for Health & Healing
Desiree Blakenship

Durant First United Methodist Church

         Saturday June 24, 2017 

               1:00-3:00 pm

            Theatre Room

            Class covers:

Plants and Food as Healer’s

* Live Nutrition

* Container Gardens

*Family Specific Medicine Gardens

* Making the most of your Medicine Garden

*Natural Pesticides & Composting

*Preserving your Plant Medicine

*Recipes and Remedies

*Prayers and Healing Rituals

Live nutrition and plant medicine promote the body’s own ability for

spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

Deepen your connection with the earth and your health by growing your own organic food and plant medicine.   

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” Hippocrates

Medicinal herbs are powerful extracts found in nature that assist

the body in healing and repairing itself.

*Prescription Pain medications are responsible for 475,000 + emergency room visits per year.

*Prescription antidepressants often require additional medications to deal with their

cascading effects.

*Overuse of antibiotics and  processed and genetically modified  foods contribute  to increasing numbers of digestive and cognitive diseases

“Let food be thy medicine”  Hippocrates

Medicine is not healthcare.  Medicine is sick care.  Food is Healthcare.


Learn and preserve ancient healing wisdom with  “God’s Forgotten Gifts”…

Space is limited and pre registration is required.

$40 fee  manual included

$35 for early registration

Mail class fee to

Desiree Blankenship

P.O. Box 211 Mead, OK 73449

For more information

Please call, text

Desiree Blankenship

Divine Touch Ministries

Phone: 580-380-1844

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